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The multidisciplinary and bilingual European Encyclopedia of Animal Welfare - EEAW is an open access project which will publish academic texts on animal welfare subjects in English and/or German, with the intention of making them accessible to a wider public. The EEAW should also enforce the international and interdisciplinary discourse between relevant disciplines.  

The content of the EEAW is oriented - in an extended form - towards books like the  Encyclopedia of Animal Rights and Animal Welfare, The Encyclopedia of Applied Animal Behaviour and Welfare, The Oxford Handbook of Animal Ethics, Animal Welfare and selected publications in the Food Studies. In particular; sources such as the Universities Federation for Animal Welfare, the Animals and Society Institute  and new journals about animal law / animal studies, are constantly providing valuable new material which serves to modify and extend the EEAW.
Initially the main focus of the EEAW will be on animal welfare science in the context of law, ethics and political science. Additionally, concepts and ideas deriving from the Humanities and Cultural Studies will be covered. -
The extended EEAW list of entries will place special emphasis on including analyses of selected countries. These multidisciplinary in-depth studies shall continually provide relevant information to accommodate the increasing demand comparative animal welfare studies. 
The idea for the EEAW comes from two ambitious academic open access projects, the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy and the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy from the University of Tennessee. 
In this way the EEAW  conceptually incorporates the pluralism of established theories, including the priniciples of the Enlightment and critical rationalism, which inevitably entails multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary co-operation. 
The EEAW editors are seeking in particular to encourage contributions from young academics.
All submissions will be subject to peer review approval.  
The EEAW texts can always be accessed via the link to the government-sponsored web portal schule.at, where numerous school study subjects can be consulted.

For contact see the editors page. Special thanks go to our VEAW supporters.

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