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Bekoff, Marc (ed.) ²2010. Encyclopedia of Animal Rights and Animal Welfare. 2 Volume Set. Santa Barbara, CA, Greenwood Press. - amazon.com, amazon.de

Alphabetical List of Entries

Volume 1

Abolitionist Approach to Animal Rights

Affective Ethology

Alternatives to Animal Experiments in the Life Sciences

Alternative to Animal Experiments:

   Reduction, Refinement, and Replacement

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)


Animal Body, Alteration of

Animal Liberation Ethics

Animal Models and Animal Welfare

Animal Protection: The Future of Activism

Animal Reproduction, Human Control

Animal Rights

Animal Rights Movement, New Welfarism

Animal Studies

Animal Subjectivity

Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare and Animal Rights, A Comparison

Animal Welfare: Assessment

Animal Welfare: Coping

Animal Welfare: Freedom

Animal Welfare: Risk Assessment

Animal-Assisted Therapy

Animals in Space



Anthropomorphism: Critical Anthropomorphism


Art, Animals, and Ethics

Association of Veterinarians for Animal Rights (AVAR)

Autonomy of Animals


Bestiality: History of Attitudes

Blessing of the Animals Rituals

Blood Sports


Captive Breeding Ethics



Chimpanzees in Captivity

China: Animal Rights and Animal Welfare

China: Moon Bears and the Bear Bile Industry


Companion Animals

Companion Animals, Welfare, and the Human-Animal Bond

Consciousness, Animal

Conservation Ethics, Elephants

Cosmic Justice

Cruelty to Animals and Human Violence

Cruelty to Animals: Enforcement of Anti-Cruelty Laws

Cruelty to Animals: Prosecuting Anti-Cruelty Laws

Deep Ethology

Deviance and Animals

Disasters and Animals

Disasters and Animals: Legal Treatment in the United States


Dissection in Science and Health Education

Distress in Animals


Dog fighting





Ecofeminism and Animal Rights

Ecological Inclusion: Unity among Animals

Embryo Research

Empathy with Animals

Endangered Species Act

Endangered Species and Ethical Perspectives

Enrichment and Well-Being for Zoo Animals

Entertainment and Amusement: Animals in the Performing Arts

Entertainment and Amusement: Circuses, Rodeos, and Zoos

Environmental Ethics

Equal Consideration


Evolutionary Continuity

Exotic Species

Experimentation and Research with Animals

Extinction and Ethical Perspectives

Factory Farms

Factory Farms and Emerging Infectious Diseases

Field Studies and Ethics

Field Studies: Animal Immobilization

Field Studies: Ethics of Communication Research with Wild Animals

Field Studies: Non-invasive Wildlife Research


Fishing as Sports

Food Animals: Ethics and Methods of Raising Animals

The Gender Gap and Policies toward Animals

Genetic Engineering

Genetic Engineering and Farmed Animal Cloning

Genetic Engineering: Genetics

Global Warming and Animals

The Great Ape Project

Great Apes and Language Research

Horse Slaughter

Human Effects on Animal Behavior

Humane Education

Humane Education, Animal Welfare, and Conservation

Humane Education Movement

Humane Education Movement in Schools

Humane Education: The Humane University

Hunting, History of Ideas


        Volume 2


India: Animal Experimentation

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committees (IACUCs)

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committees (IACUCs): Nonaffiliated Members

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committees (IACUCs): Regulatory Requirements

Israel: Animal Protection

Kenya: Conservation and Ethics

Krogh Principle

Laboratory Animal Use: Sacrifice

Laboratory Animal Welfare

Law and Animals

Law and Animals: Australia

Law and Animals: European Union

Law and Animals: Unites States

Marginal Cases

Medical Research with Animals



Moral Standing of Animals

Museums and Representation of Animals

Native Americans and Early Uses of Animals in Medicine and Research

Native Americans’ Relationships with Animals: All Our Relations

Objectification of Animals

Pain, Invertebrates

Pain, Suffering, and Behavior


People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

Pet Renting


Pleasure and Animal Welfare

Poetry and Representation of Animals

The Political Subjectivity of Animals


Practical Ethics and Human-Animal Relationships

Predator Control and Ethics

Puppy Mills

Quality of Life for Animals



Religion and Animals

Religion and Animals: Animal Theology

Religion and Animals: Buddhism

Religion and Animals: Christianity

Religion and Animals: Daoism

Religion and Animals: Disensoulment

Religion and Animals: Hinduism

Religion and Animals: Islam

Religion and Animals: Jainism

Religion and Animals: Judaism

Religion and Animals: Judaism and Animal Sacrifice

Religion and Animals: Pantheism and Panentheism

Religion and Animals: Reverence for Life

Religion and Animals: Saints

Religion and Animals: Theodicy

Religion and Animals: Theos Right

Religion and Animals: Veganism and the Bible

Religion, History, and the Animal Protection Movement


Rescue Groups

Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), History

Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) Reform Group


Sanctuaries, Ethics of Keeping Chimpanzees in

Scholarship and Advocacy

Sentience and Animal Protection


Shelters, No-Kill

Signals and Rituals of Humans and Animals

The Silver Spring Monkeys


Sociology of the Animal Rights Movement

Species Essentialism


Speciesism: Biological Classification

Speciesism: Ethics, Law, and Policy

Sports and Animals

Stereotypies in Animals

Stress and Laboratory Routines

Stress Assessment, Reduction, and Science

Student Attitudes toward Animals

Student Objections to Dissection

Student Rights and the first Amendment

Teleology and Telos

Toxicity Testing and Animals

Trapping, Behavior, and Welfare

Urban Wildlife


Utilitarianism and Assessment of Animal Experimentation



Veterinary Medicine and Ethics

Virtue Ethics

War and Animals

War: Using Animals in Transport

Whales and Dolphins: Culture and Human Interactions

Whales and Dolphins: Sentience and Suffering

Whales and Dolphins: Solitary Dolphin Welfare

Wild Animals and Ethical Perspectives

Wildlife Abuse

Wildlife Contraception

Wildlife Services

Wolves and Ethical Perspectives


Zoos: History

Zoos: Roles

Zoos: Welfare Concerns





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