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Appleby, Michael C. / Hughes, Barry O. / Mench, Joy A. / Olsson, Anna I., (eds.) 2011. Animal Welfare. 2nd edition. Wallingford, Oxon, CABI Publishing.

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Edited by M C Appleby, Chief Scientific Adviser, World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA), UK, J A Mench, Professor of Animal Science, University of California, Davis, USA, I A S Olsson, Researcher, Institute for Molecular and Cell Biology, Portugal, B O Hughes, The University of Edinburgh,

Main Contents


Part I. Issues

1. Animal ethics
2. Understanding animal welfare

Part II. Problems

3. Environmental challenge and animal agency
4. Hunger and thirst
5. Pain
6. Fear and other negative emotions
7. Behavioural restriction

Part III. Assessment

8. Health and disease
9. Behaviour
10. Physiology
11. Preference and motivation research
12. Practical strategies to assess (and improve) welfare

Part IV. Solutions

13. Physical conditions
14. Social conditions
15. Human contact
16. Genetic selection

Part V. Implementation

17. Economics
18. Incentives and enforcement
19. International issues

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